What a strange year this has been and thus our program guide this year will only take us to the end of December of 2020. We will continue to evaluate the program offerings and platforms chosen as the fall progresses and then together with the new realities for the new year, make changes and offer new programs for 2021.

What we have tried to balance in the offerings is the need for doing some in person gatherings where people are in need of human contact and energy and to do so in a safe and responsible way. And at the same time, we are offering online options for those for whom any in person group activities are too risky or challenging for them and yet they still desire community connection.

Each person will need to decide what they are comfortable with and it may be that we have to pivot midterm and move everything online if circumstances change. This fall will require much flexibility and ability to adapt. What we do know is that for all programs, registration will be required. Links for online registration are included but if that is a challenge for you, you can also call into the church office and you can be registered that way as well.  For health and safety reasons, there will be no option for “dropping in“ to any of the adult programs.  Pre-registration is required. Drop in is possible for children, youth and young adult programming.

Take a moment as well to read the COVID-19 safety guidelines for attending any in-person programs.

  1. For educational programs, everyone must register in advance to attend in person programs and there will be a maximum established for each program. This enables us to adhere to the limits of our spaces as well as provide contract tracing should it become necessary.
  2. Everyone will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering and be wearing a mask. Once you have made it to your physically distanced seat in the room and everyone is seated, masks may be removed for the conversation and duration of the class. But as the class ends, masks must be donned once again for the leaving of the room and the building.
  3. Everyone attending will be asked to sign a declaration each time that they have not been out of the country or had contact with anyone who has tested positive in the last 14 days. They will be asked to at test to not having any fever or other signs of illness.
  4. Beverages may be brought to the program in participant’s own cups but will not be provided.
  5. No hospitality will be possible at this time
  6. Participants will be asked to limit what surfaces they touch coming and going in the building and restrict their attendance to the room and bathroom if necessary.
  7. No program supplies will be shared.

The complete array of programs we will be offering will be uploaded online by Sept 11. In the meantime browse through the links and see what we’ve got so far! Stay tuned and keep a watchful eye.

Program Guide

Click on the title below to read more about any of the programs listed.  Please note this is our compressed guide based on current Covid restrictions