IPaB (Intercultural Program at Broad View United)

The Intercultural Community at Broad View United welcome all of you to join any one or all our activities. 

Some newcomers expressed that “Churches are considered a safe place with kind and helpful people.”  IPaB provides a safe and inclusive space offering people of different cultures and backgrounds to hear and learn about opinions of the world.

IPaB continue most of the activities online in the coming season. The Intercultural Community has expanded from residents and visitors of Victoria to friends and connections living in different parts of the world.  We have had participants originated from Argentina, Bangladesh, Bosnia, China, Costa Rica, Columbia, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Japan, Laos, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States, etc.

The Conversations and the monthly Workshop happen on Zoom, but the intercultural community also communicate via various social media platforms including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

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