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Green Policy

A Policy for Greening Broad View United Ministries

Background: In order for Broad View United to become a community that practices environmental stewardship consistently and well, staff members, committees and users of our facility need to operate or function in ways that demonstrate an awareness of sustainability and a desire to live in right relationship with God’s earth.

Policy Statements: BVU is committed to “touching the earth gently” by reducing its impact on the environment and promoting an understanding of sustainability in its broadest context.

The Touching the Earth Gently Policy commits our ministry to deliberate and consistent attention to caring for the earth in all areas of our church’s life and to striving to make our faith community a model in the journey towards a sustainable future.

Action Plan: Each committee, and groups within our church, will be asked to begin a conversation around what this policy might mean for them and their ministry at BVU. The changes in practice that may need to happen should be explored with the understanding that this is a process that will take time to learn and to implement. The good news is we have already begun to work in this way in some areas of our church’s life.  A level of awareness exists within our community about the importance of such a policy. Resources are available to guide and support us in this journey.

Possible general areas to look at:

  • waste reduction
  • purchasing
  • energy and water saving
  • transportation/travel
  • educational programs/resources to guide and inform about issues
  • intergenerational sharing of stories/ideas that promote conservation and  earth-friendly solutions