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Vision Statement

Our role is: To be an agent of transformation and a fresh expression of progressive Christian faith.

We accomplish this by: Being a compassionate, cohesive and engaged community of faith and resource centre for a progressive Christian voice.

Our core values as inspired by the teachings of Jesus and affirmed by this community:

  • Progressiveness Aligning ourselves with a progressive Christian theology and voice that embraces diversity and emphasizes social justice. Working for transformative change through innovation and being responsive to changing needs.
  • Integrity ‘Walking the talk’ in everything we do. Being a safe and welcoming place for all that is accessible to people with differing abilities. Embraces diverse communities, affirms LGBTQ2S+ people, building relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities, and protecting the integrity of our earth.
  • Connectedness Building strong connections and shared values with all generations by fostering meaningful relationships, working in partnership with others, combating social isolation, and building community around shared passions and interests. We recognize that engaging children, youth and young adults will take special initiatives.

BVU Core Values