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Pastoral Care

BVU is all about caring for others and creating space for others to just be.  There are many programs, events, and volunteer opportunities to encourage personal health and wellness, physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Exploring Grief and Loss Together: Sessions for those who are Grieving

To be human is to know that inevitably we will all face situations of loss and grief, sorrow and change, heartbreak and despair. Learning to navigate the complexity of emotions as a result of the grieving process is a path that can be lonely, difficult and often overwhelming.  Joining with others who are on a similar path can provide tremendous relief and the sense that we are not alone.

Approx. three times a year, Broad View offers an opportunity where folks can come together in a space of safety and trust to engage our grief, share our stories and participate in the healing process. Once 8-12 people express interest, dates/times will be chosen with participants. If desired, folks can repeat the program as well.  Please contact Margaret Harper if you are interested in attending or have questions. or 250-477-2715

Senior’s Care

We want to make sure that our most vulnerable population never feels alone. We offer spiritual companions for those who are unable to get out of their homes often,  or are in need of company. A person to come and visit, share a coffee with and to help when needed.  One of our social enterprises is Just Like Family which provides caregivers to those in need.  If you’d like to speak to one of our Pastoral Care Ministers regarding pastoral care please email 

Emergency Assistance

Sometimes life sends you a curve ball and it seems like you’re all alone in the world, with little support from friends or family. DYK? Here at BVU, our ministers, are available to help you negotiate these times safely using family systems analysis and the experiences they brings to the task after decades in ministry with people from all walks of life. There is no charge for this service and each counselling session is designed with your input and your needs in mind. Contact the office to be directed to a minister that can help you.  

Food Security

There are times in everyone’s life when we need a little help.  BVU is here to assist those who need a helping hand once in a while to get groceries into their homes.  Please contact one of our ministers to discuss our food gift card program. 

Prayer Requests

If you’d like to send in a prayer request please click below. 

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