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Policy Board


The Board is the legally constituted authority responsible directly to the congregation for prudent oversight of church business. The Church has determined that the most effective manner in which to ensure proper governance and oversight is through the establishment of a policy board. Policies formalize the roles and responsibilities of the Board and establish its functions, practices and structure. As such, the Board governs with an emphasis on:

  1. outward vision rather than internal preoccupation
  2. encouraging diversity in viewpoints
  3. strategic leadership more than administrative detail
  4. a clear distinction of board and staff roles
  5. collective rather than individual decisions.

Board Role and Functions

The Board is to be responsible for the following areas:

  1. Taking the lead on creating a vision, mission and high level goals:
    1. Determining the mission and purpose of the Church;
    2. Drafting a strategic plan based on the vision, mission and goals, with input from the congregation; and
    3. ensuring effective Church planning. 
  2. Securing resources:
    1. Supervising and evaluating the Lead Minister; and
    2. Ensuring adequate resources, and overseeing the budget
  3. Defining clear roles and responsibilities:
    1.  Defining the roles and responsibilities of the board, committees and Lead Minister; and
    2. Developing appropriate policies as required ensuring role clarity between board and staff. 
  4. Establishing benchmarks for performance and monitoring them:
    1. Establishing and monitoring high-level outcomes and organizational results;
    2. Monitoring the strategic and operational plans;
    3. Assessing its own performance; and
    4. Assessing Lead Minister performance.
  5. Being accountable to the congregation:
    1. Managing resources effectively (i.e appoint Lead Minister to manage the organization);
    2. Enhancing the Church’s public image
    3. Ensuring legal and fiduciary requirements are met; and
    4. Working with Trustees

Chair – Andrew Delong

Past Chair – Doug Koch

Secretary – Sarah Porter

Treasurer – Paul Malnarich

Member – D’Arcy Wingrove

Member – Barry Carbol

Member – Kelly Orr

Trustee-  Kathryn Berge (ex officio)

Co-Lead Minister – Rev. Mark Green (ex officio)