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Building Reno

Click on the image below to view information on the building re-design process. 

New Floor Plans

New floor plans as of February 2023


Updated Booklet, August 2022

New Floor Plans

New floor plans as of May 2022

Virtual Video Walk Through of Proposed Sanctuary Renovation - Mar 2022

Note: there is no sound for this video

Building Renovation Proposal - Feb 26, 2021

This document builds on what you’ve already seen and accessed in November of 2020. There are some changes in the floor plans to integrate (what) feedback received when possible. There is more detail shared in the budget which is based on estimates received from the contractor, architect and engineers. There is a theological statement articulated about the values and principles we are working from. And many other items to flesh out the information you have requested in order to make an informed decision at the congregational meeting on March 14th at 11am.

Got Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or comments about the process feel free to contact the committee. Just click on the photo to the left. (or look for live links at the end of the booklet)

BV Design Proposal - The Booklet - Nov 2020

A proposal booklet for viewing online, or to download and print. Includes: • Blueprint drawings of all renovations. • Close-up drawings of major changes and • narrative explanations of many design recommendations. • Also Includes a 5-page pictorial history of all 3 original churches.

Building Re-Design Proposal - The Video 2020

A video of the proposed re-design of the former St. Aidan's United Church to become Broad View United

Video Tour of CHX Site pre-renovation - 2020

Walking tour taped in November 2020 of the Cedar Hill X Site prior to renovations.

Site Selection Document - Nov 2019

Criteria used to choose which site the new Broad View United would be located on.