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BVU Core Values

Broad View United: Our core values as inspired by the teachings of Jesus and affirmed by this community are:

  1. PROGRESSIVENESS: Aligning ourselves with a progressive Christian theology and voice that embraces diversity and emphasizes social justice.

    • Transformative: Making a positive difference in the lives of people, communities and the world by working for transformation through love, compassion and generosity.
    • Innovative:Modeling ways of “being church” that provide multiple and diverse entry points to involvement and service, and that build alternative models of funding to ensure the financial sustainability of the church for future generations.
    • Responsive: Being forward thinking, responsive to changing conditions, and adapting as necessary in order to remain effective and relevant.
  1. INTEGRITYWalking the talk in everything we do.
    • Safe and Welcoming (Inclusive): Becoming a safe place that welcomes and engages with groups and individuals, both those in the mainstream and those on the margins.
    • Accessible: Being an open hearted and accessible place for people with differing physical and mental abilities.
    • Sustainability: Protecting and restoring the integrity of our earth, valuing all living things, and laying the foundations that will enable current and future generations to thrive.
    • Interculturalism: Embracing and reflecting the diverse communities we live in and seek to serve, while respecting each other’s differences.
    • Reconciliation: Building relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities, and working to decolonize language, theology and ways of being.
    • Affirming: Providing safe spaces for individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations (LGBTQ2S+).
  1. CONNECTEDNESS: Building strong connections and shared values with others.
    • Relationships: Acknowledging that the sacred and holy are present and made manifest in every relationship.
    • Partnerships: Working in partnership with community organizations, social enterprises, neighbourhoods and local governments to address economic, social and ecological issues.
    • Youth Engagement: Creating connections with children, youth, and young adults that empower them to actively shape our common future.
    • Growing Church Community:Fostering connected, meaningful and deep relationships through small groups and spiritual practices.
    • Combating Social Isolation: Building community around shared passions and interests, and providing safe spaces for people to gather, dialogue, learn from and explore differences.