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Min-Goo Kang

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Min-Goo Kang

With a strong sense of place, Min-Goo Kang (강민구 姜敏求) likes to explore his surroundings. He believes that every place has its unique beauty, and that we are called to respond to that beauty with reverence and gratitude. One of his favorite things to do after moving to Victoria is to watch the sunrise and the sunset at the beaches near where he lives (Gordon Head). For Min-Goo, the creation has been not only the source of inspiration, but also has manifested who God is. From wisdom gained from nature, he continues to learn to embrace and let go of everything.

Min-Goo is passionate about creating a space where people can feel safe enough to bring their authentic selves. He sees everyone as a reflection of the Divine, the Word becomes flesh, the living Scriptures. He feels called to accompany people on their ongoing spiritual journeys, sharing in their joys and sufferings. He believes that becoming an intercultural church is a deeply spiritual work. It begins with knowing who we really are, where we came from, and where we are going. Although how we get there is not always clear, he is confident that our intentions will carry us through.

Min-Goo is very excited to be part of the ministry team at Broad View United. He enjoys working with such a diverse group of people with open minds and open hearts. He prays that he will be able to bring all that he is and all that he can into the life and ministry of Broad View United.