Thrift Store Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed every Wednesday

9:30am-12:30pm; 12:3pm – 3:30pm and 3:30pm – 6:30pm

There are 3 areas that need volunteers for our Thrift Store to run.  

Store Greeter: The greeter welcomes customers to the store and helps set the tone of friendliness and welcome. Their tasks are to ensure that everyone has a mask, and to keep track of how many customers are in the store. (a max number will be allowed in at any one time, while others will line up outside).  They make sure that customers use hand sanitizer and fill out the contact tracing form in store. This position is flexible in that the volunteer can choose to work inside or outside. 

Changing Room Volunteer: This volunteer will be responsible for keeping an eye on the changing rooms and taking clothes that the customers have tried on, but aren’t purchasing,  out of the store for quarantining. 

Volunteer to accept donations/store floater: People in this position float around the store, helping where necessary.  They are also responsible for keeping an eye on the donation bin and brining it to the storage room once full, ready to be quarantined. 

You can sign up for these and other Thrift Store volunteer jobs by emailing the managers Sam & Katy

Thank you for helping our BVU Thrift Store social enterprise!